Common country booth

Setting up a common country booth covering several domestic companies is not just a question of booth design. There are a lot of organizational aspects to decide even some you may not have been thinking about.


Long term planning and predictable parameters will pay off. Sequenced modules will cause attractive conditions. You can count on us.



… in saturated markets are neither naturalness nor simple consequence of a first trade fair appearance but the result of analysis, strategy and patience. Let us get in touch.

Detailed information

… is most relevant to control your efforts on the German market. Without knowing who potential clients are, how they act and what they think about your products you run the risk of producing sunk costs.

As an export promotion agency …

… representing some of your domestic companies interested in the German market we offer special modules to optimize your trade fair appearance as organization, targeting, media relations, certification or market research.

Please do not hesitate contacting us.


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